Feeding your content through the pipe

Assuming you want to implement my blog-journey hack badly enough to have set up a feed and read an introduction to Yahoo Pipes: don't turn back now.

Here is the quick-and-dirty.
  1. Go to the pipe for my hack.
  2. If you've set your feed to Short, use Blog Journey (Short); if Full or Jump-Break, Blog Journey (Full or Jump Break).
  3. If you are using a Short feed, make a clone of the pipe--this will create your own editable copy of the pipe in your account. You will be prompted to log in to Yahoo or create a Yahoo account. (Sorry!)
      You don't need to do this for the other feed types or if all you are after is a list of your blog-post titles. (Short vs. Full vs. Jump Break here.)
  4. Put your feed url in the little box where indicated.
  5. Run the pipe to see what you've done.
  6. Click "Get as RSS" and pay no attention if you then see an incomprehensible babel of code. (Some browsers don't format the feed, but it doesn't matter.) That is not intended for human eyes.
  7. What you are after is the url (the web address in your browser bar) for that page. Copy it and port it over to a handy rss-to-JavaScript converter.
There is sometimes an additional step. Pipes sometimes generates RSS-feed urls that begin with "feed://" instead of "http://"

If this happens to you, correct the feed by deleting and replacing "feed://" with "http://" and paste that into the rss-to-JavaScript converter.

Update: The pipe for Full and Blog-Journey feeds now has an option for start and end dates to let you segment your blog journey by date. Read about that here.

Fall 2011 Update: Yahoo has tinkered with Pipes in a very unhelpful way. If you have, or expect to have, more than 100 posts in your blog, see this post for a description of the problem and workaround.
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