From feed to script

Blogger is stubborn about blog-post order. Last things first, on the theory that blog readers are not interested in what you said yesterday.

Fortunately, Blogger has been flexible about allowing bloggers to post their own scripts in the javascript language in their blogs.

What this means is that you can show your blog content as a journey, in first-first chronological order, if you are willing to jump through a few hoops: publish as a feed, squirt the feed through Pipes, and convert the feed of that to a script. is one of several web-based services that convert feeds to scripts that you can just paste onto a blog or other web page. The script will then display the feed. (Formatting is another matter.)

You will be using feed2js's "build" page. Take the feed url from the result of your pipe (with an "http:" at the beginning) and paste it into the "feed url" box on that page.

Then review the options for the feed.
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