Missing line returns and trailing spaces

You can skip this step if you are using a Full or Jump-Break feed or if all you are publishing is a list of post titles.


Your thirst to present your blog content in chronological order has led you to publish a feed of your blog and run it through a pipe, then make a second feed from that and convert it to a script that you publish on your blog.

Probably you've even taken the next step of using CSS to format the way your blog presents the feed. (If not you can do that next--or go back and do it right now.)


But, are you happy?

If you take the time to proofread the final result, I hope you will be pleased. At last, you can relive the journey that your blog has been for you--and share it with your readers.

However, if your feed is set to Short, you might also find some anomalies and typos that you can only fix by editing your pipe or your blog.
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