Slicing and Dicing with Yahoo Pipes

Perhaps the strangest part of my blog-journey hack entails sending your blog feed through Yahoo Pipes.

Pipes is a free web-based service for mixing and manipulating feeds. Working on the (imperfect) metaphor of your feed as a flow of content, users construct a "pipe" that channels and changes the elements of that flow--for instance, sorting them chronologically.

That's what we are here for, but the pipe I built does more than that. You do not need to build your own--use mine.

Unfortunately, if you use the Short feed you will probably need to use or set up a Yahoo account so that you can make an editable copy of my pipe. I will tell you how to tweak your copy.

Before you do that, you should check out Yahoo's introduction to Pipes.

If you have the soul of a hacker, Pipes will dazzle and inspire you with possibilities. If you don't, I'll at least try to make my explanation (next) as painless as possible.
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