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عرض المشاركات من ديسمبر, 2011عرض الكل
Blog feed for more than 500 posts

The folks at Blogger, bless their hearts, erect several obstacles to creative use of your blog's feed. Some of us use our feeds--our whole feeds, not just the most recent stuff--to make an index of our blogs, or to reverse t…

Feed "pagination" hobbles Yahoo Pipes

The quirky but useful Pipes web service has added a new kink, with implications for bloggers that use it to reverse the order of their posts. Running your blog feed though the pipe I built will flip the order, and until recentl…

Feed-based hacks get a new lease on life

Alan Levine, originator and keeper of the useful but endangered web service, announced last week that thanks to the generosity of people who have donated financial support, and one anonymous donor in particular, I hav…

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