E-commerce guide 2022: what it is, types and secrets of profit from it


What is e-commerce?

We can define the concept of e-commerce in a simple way as any commercial activity that takes place over the Internet, so that all transactions take place via the Internet, whether the process of buying, selling or managing trade.

Let me explain more clearly...

For you as a merchant, the concept of e-commerce is the completion of the process of displaying goods from products or services through any electronic means of sale such as the online store or social media channels (Facebook, Instagram).

This is in addition to following up on all online commerce transactions such as, tracking orders, sales reports, customer evaluations, and so on.

As for the concept of e-commerce for the shopper, it is to complete the steps of the process of purchasing goods, whether products or services completely online, starting from visiting the store and selecting the product, passing through the confirmation of the purchase process, and ending with the payment process if you choose to complete it electronically as well.

In the e-commerce sector, there is more than one type and form of it all over the world, due to the criteria for classifying the types of online commerce transactions. This is what we will discuss in the next paragraph.

What are the types of e-commerce?

The classification of digital commerce is divided according to more than one criterion but below we will address the two most important and prominent types, due to their importance and their relationship to us in this guide on how to start an e-commerce business.

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