Steps to write a product description in a professional way

Steps to write a product description in a professional way

If you are a shopper, do you buy a product without knowing its details? Such as size, color, material of manufacture and other product information that is important to you when making your decision to purchase? This is the job of writing a professional product description for goods or services, especially those sold on the Internet.

The product description plays the most effective role in the sales volume of any of the products offered on the various online stores, whether it increases or decreases.

There is no doubt that the use of attractive and accurate product description phrases has a strong impact on shoppers and convince them of the preference of this or that product over other competing products, and then motivate them to buy in the end.

Therefore, you must take care of writing a product description in a professional manner and an attractive way for shoppers to ensure the increased demand for your products and achieve your commercial goals.

This is what you will learn in this new article on the JMM1818 tutorial blog by learning about the steps for writing product descriptions and the most important elements to include in the description.

What is the product description? 📦

Product descriptions are marketing words and expressions that are used in a coordinated manner to explain the features and characteristics of the product and all information associated with it.

Any product description form includes the benefits and positive impact on the consumer from purchasing that product and confirming the demand for it.

These words and expressions must be chosen very carefully so that they can achieve the desired effect on the shopper by simply reading them, so that they will prompt them to buy without hesitation through Write a short descriptive text.

Writing a product description plays a vital and effective role in SEO and the appearance of your products to shoppers in the first search results on various search engines.

The description of the products also addresses the imagination of the shopper by reviewing the quality of the product, its competitive advantages and its power to export all products of its kind without the shopper feeling deceived and exaggerating the product description.

It is that attractive way through which we give a clear and integrated picture of the product, whether a commodity or service to the shipper or the customer of your online store.

What are the steps for writing a professional and attractive product description? 📝

The product description box in the online store is not just a field that must be filled in with any words, but this field must be a great effort in order to fill it in a professional manner that achieves the main goal of its existence.

There are a set of procedures and steps that you need to implement in order to write a professional and attractive product description, here are the most prominent of these steps:

  1. Study the product well
  2. Writing Competitive Product Advantages
  3. Explanation of the product's story
  4. Choose the right words
  5. Product specification review (shape and size)
  6. Care Size Description
  7. Use simple language
  8. Discover the nature and quality of your online store shoppers
  9. Take care of mobile phone users
  10. Review the description before posting

You can use these steps in writing a product description in English, or even in writing a description of a ready-made commercial page, or a description of clothing and other products. Below is a detailed explanation of each of the previous steps…👀

1. Study the product carefully before prescribing it

When writing a product description in a professional way, the study of the product that we want to put an accurate and attractive description for comes in the priority list as the first practices and steps that must be taken by the owners of electronic stores and websites.

This step is very necessary in reaching the main features of the product and the benefits that can accrue to the buyer, which helps in the stage of writing about the product accurately.

Studying the product here means getting to know its features, characteristics and benefits, as well as its exact specifications and all information related to it; So you can describe it well and attractively that speaks to the imagination of the buyer and drives him towards the purchase with certainty.

2. List all the competitive advantages of the product

Among the best practices required when describing the product on any online store is to review all the competitive advantages that your product holds.

These competitive advantages must reflect the ability of this product, whether a good or a service, to meet all the needs of the consumer, as if you were selling him comfort in brief words about all the benefits and features of this product.

💡 for example: To indicate in the product's features that it is made of 100% natural materials in an advertisement for a short food product or beverage and the like.

It is much easier for a customer of an online store to make a decision on a purchase if he immediately receives all the information about the product, than to extract the details in correspondence with the seller or search for them throughout the site.

👨‍💼 Expert advice: You must indicate in the product description that the acquisition of this product reflects positively on the customer’s lifestyle as one of the most important features and benefits of the product.

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